Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome students and parents to a new school year!

Hello everyone!
My name is T. Darryl. I am from America
and I have been a teacher in Thailand for many years.

This blog is for students and parents of T. Darryl's classes. I have created this site to help students and parents  know
what is happening in my classes. Homework, Activities, and special events will all be posted here.

A new feature of this site is the "pages tabs" here,
students and parents can clearly and quickly know
the homework or activities for that unit week.
You can also download it and print it on your
home computer.

I strongly encourage both students and parents to look at and comment on this site regularly. I am continuously updating this site so please be patient while I improve it.

lastly, I hope we all have a fun and productive school year.
good luck and see you in class.

from T. Darryl


  1. Hey Darryl

    Looking good for the new year! Too bad the students aren't in yet, but I hope you're enjoying the rest.

    Good luck for the new term

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for commenting. take it easy!